Is Grammarly worth it?: Overview, Pricing and Features

Will you pay for Grammarly?

Grammarly is one of the renowned proofreading tools in the internet. But is Grammarly worth it?

When it comes to editing, writers most preferred online checker is Grammarly. This has two versions which have different features. The free version has an excellent grammar and spelling checker. Meanwhile, the premium has more functionalities and features. So, if you want to know whether to get the paid one or stick with the free version, you’ve come to the right place.

grammarly premium

This article will provide you with a brief Grammarly review, specifically between the free and premium version of the program. Read along to find out what are the differences or similarities of the two versions. 

Review of Grammarly Premium vs Free 


When it comes to features, Grammarly Free has a pretty good spelling and grammar checker. It allows you to avoid simple errors on your document. Furthermore, this provides you with some option to correct punctuations. 

grammarly free vs premium

Meanwhile, the Premium version also comes with this basic editor and some additional functionalities. For instance, it can examine sentence structure and the use of passive and active voices. Further, this has a genre-checker which gives users the ability to analyze your article based on the genre you have provided. There is also a plagiarism checker within the program. You can also enhance your vocabulary as there’s vocabulary suggestions for some words. What’s good with this is recommendations are based on the context of the word. 


Grammarly Free is, of course, free of charge and doesn’t limit your access to the tool. So, you can use it anytime or whatever document you are writing. You won’t have to pay for a monthly fee or the likes.

On the contrary, you have to pay to use the features of Grammarly Premium. The amount is based on the plan that you have chosen. For monthly, you’ll have to pay $29.95 whereas a quarterly plan saves you $10. Finally, there is a yearly plan which allows you to save $11.66 per month vis-a vis the first one.

Final Verdict

If you’re into writing business, investing in Grammarly Premium is a good choice. It has comprehensive editing tools that you won’t be able to find on other similar applications. 

However, if you’re just a student or someone who doesn’t write frequently, then the free version will be of help to you. 

So, have you finally decide if you’re paying for Grammarly or not?

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