Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rat- What You Need To Know

Year of the Rat

Many websites on Chinese astrology claim that there is an information on the Chinese zodiac year of the rat. What they do not say is that there are other sources for the information. There are even other astrologers who give advice based on their own personal understanding of the zodiac. If you want to know how to determine the meaning of the rat, then you should make sure that you read this article carefully.

You will need to understand that there is no absolute way of determining the meaning of each zodiac signs. The meanings will vary from person to person and will change as the person grows old.

What Are They?

The zodiac signs are based on a calendar that is commonly known as the Liuzhou calendar. This has been in use since the early part of the eighth century. This calendar is based on lunar cycles, so it is important to understand the full cycle of the moon in order to understand the significance of each sign. Another thing to note is that there are three major components of the Liuzhou calendar, which are called ‘jian’ (year), ‘qi’ (wind) and ‘qi’ (fire). Each month there is a different element represented by the particular zodiac sign.

There are twelve ‘character’ elements that are used to identify each of the twelve zodiac signs. These include the four primary colors associated with each element, the four directions of the zodiac signs can move, the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Winter, and Autumn), the four compass points at the North, South, East, and West. There are also five elements that have to do with the location of the sun, namely ‘wind’, ‘water’, ‘fire’, and ‘metal’.

When it comes to determining the meaning of the rat, the chinese zodiac 2022 signs are grouped into five categories. One group contains the Yang Zodiac signs, which are the sign of the sun. The sign of the moon in this category is known as the Yang Li. The sign of the wind is called the Yin Yang Wu. The sign of the earth is known as the Yin Shen. The sign of the fire is known as the Yin Bai.

The meaning of the rat is based on the character elements used to classify each of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. However, the true meaning will vary from person to person and will also change over time. For example, the meaning of the sun may change from year to year, the symbol change over time, and the season change over time.


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