Isaacs Catering

Equipment Rentals

Our Policy

All charges are for time out, whether used or not. Please choose carefully. Weekly and monthly rates available.

A phone call will hold your rental order (except linens) or stop by and pLace your order.

To help keep our delivery prices low and so there are no additional charges to you, please have equipment ready when our driver arrives. Extra labor charges will be assessed for delivery up stairs, into backyards, or when extra time is involved in the delivery. Equipment is to be repacked in boxes, free from food and liquid, and pLaced under cover (garage, porch, patio, etc.). Please do not allow equipment to get wet, as it gets destroyed. Linen must be dry and mildew free. Please do not try to wash out stains, we have special chemicals to remove them.

Set up and take down is not included with delivery prices. If you wish, we will be happy to Set up your equipment at an additional charge. Arrangements must be made in advance.

Responsibility for the rented equipment remains with the lesser from time of receiving equipment until retUrn of equipment. Please be sure equipment is secure and protected from the weather.

Any cancellations or changes must be made five (5) days prior to scheduled pick-up or delivery date. Customer will be responsible for the full rental price on any cancellations or changes made after the specified date.

All cancellations (other than canopies) not made twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled pick-up or delivery date are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Cancellations made the day of delivery are subject to a 100% cancellation charge. Cancellation of any Canopy order must be made forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled delivery date.

All orders must be paid in full prior to rental unless other arrangements have been made. For your convenience, we also take MasterCard and Visa. There will be a $20.00 charge for retUrned checks. Prices subject to change without notice.

Additional charges will be made for loss, damage or mysterious disappearance on all rental items. Cleaning charges will be made for rental items retUrn dirty.

Banquet Tables

4” x 30” Seats 4-6

6′ x 30″ Seats 6-8

8′ x 30″ Seats 8-10

Card Table

6′ x 18″ conference

8′ x 18″ conference


Patio Tables/Umbrellas

Umbrella, market 9′ w/base

Base, Table

Base, HD, freeStanding



Brown (Samsonite type)

Off-White (Samsonite type)

Wedding White (Samsonite type)

White padded w/comfort back

Black padded w/comfort back

White Wood (delivery item only)

Natural Wood (delivery item only)

Round Tables


36″ Seats 4

36″ Round marble top

48″ Seats 6-8

54″ Round

60″ Seats 8-10

72″ Seats 10-12

60″ quarter Round

60″ half Round

72″ half Round


Heart Table $12.00

Leg Extensions (each) $1.00



Black Wood (delivery item only)

Vienna Café (White Plastic)

Chiavari, gold w/pad

Chiavari, natural wood w/pad

Children’s chair

Bar Stools, wood


60″ x 96″

60″ x 120″

72″ x 144″



















54″ x 54″

72″ x 72″

90″ x 90″

Table Skirting

29″ x 10 1/2″

29″ x 13 1/2″

29″ x 17′


Table Drape

4′ x 8′ Serpentine



Lace Overlay 60″ x 120″

Lace Overlay 90″ Round

Black Stripe (120″ Round)


Chair covers

Linen Aisle Runners

25′ White or Red

50′ White or Red

75′ White or Red

100′ White or Red

Disposable runners are also available.


Weddings & Receptions

Arches & Gazebos

White Arch

Brass Arch

Arch Extension

Brass Heart Arch

Brass Arch w/Columns

Brass Heart Arch w/Columns

White Lattice Arch

Deluxe Lattice Arch

White Lattice gazebo 76″

Lattice Panels (4′ x 8′)

Lattice Panel w/Plastic Backing

Bi-fold or Tri-fold Lattice Panel

Flower Cart (White w/green Canopy)



3 Branch Unity, Brass each

7 Branch Adjustable, Brass

9 Branch Adjustable, Brass

9 Branch w/Chimneys, Brass

15 Branch – fan, Brass

10 Branch fan Extension

15 Branch – Spiral, Brass

17 Branch – Heart, Brass

Double Hearts, Brass

Candle lighter, Brass

Candles, White, mechanical

3 Branch Tabletop, Silver

5 Branch Tabletop, Silver

Glass Votive Cup w/candle

Glass Votive Cup w/o candle

Glass Chimneys

Flower Baskets & Stands

Grecian Column 30″

Grecian Column 40″

Grecian Column 72″

Column Cap

Grecian Urn

Basket, White Wicker, pair

Lattice Plant Stand 16″

Lattice Plant Stand 26″

Lattice Plant Stand 36″

Brass Column


Guest Book Stand

Guest Stand, Brass

Guest Stand, White Lattice


Kneeling Benches

Face-to-face White Lattice

Face-to-face Brass


Stanchions-Wishing Well

Chrome, burgundy rope 7′

White Plastic post, 10′ chain

Wishing well, small


China | Silverware | Glassware

China – Ivory with Gold Border

Dinner Plate, 10″

Salad Plate, 8″

Bread & Butter Plate, 6″

Soup Plate, 8″

Fruit Bowl




Sugar Bowl w/cover


China – Grand Affair (wide platinum border)

Dinner Plate, 10″

Salad Plate, 8″

Bread and Butter Plate, 6″


Saucer Glass Plates and Bowls

7″ Fleur/Clear

9″ Fleur/Clear

8″ Fleur Soup/Salad Bowl

Ramekin, 1 1/2oz

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Sugar Bowl w/Lid


All china prepackaged in 5’s



Fork, Dinner

Fork, Salad

Knife, Dinner


Butter Knife

Soup Spoon

Stainless Flatware

Fork, Dinner

Fork, Salad

Knife, Dinner


Butter Knife

Soup Spoon


China – White with Platinum Border

Dinner Plate, 10″

Salad Plate, 8″

Bread & Butter Plate, 6″

Soup Plate, 8″

Fruit Bowl



Footed Coffee Mug


Sugar Bowl w/cover

Gravy Boat

Vegetable Bowl


Salt & Pepper Shakers


China – White Swirl Pattern

Dinner Plate, 10 1/2″

Salad Plate, 7 1/2″

Soup Bowl



Sugar Bowl w/Lid



Ashtray, Clear

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Bread Basket, Wicker

Bread Basket, Silver

Bud Vase

Flower Bowls, 4″ or 6″

12″ Round Mirror

14″ Round Mirror

Hurricane, Brass

Number Stands

Table Numbers, each

Sugar packet holder, Plastic


China – Plain White Pattern

Dinner Plate, 10.5″

Salad Plate, 8″

Bread and Butter Plate, 6″

Soup Plate

Soup Cup




Sugar Bowl w/cover

Gravy Boat

Vegetable Bowl




Champagne Glass, Standard 4oz

Champagne Glass, Tulip 6oz

Champagne Glass, Fluted 6oz

Old Fashioned, 7oz

Dbl. Old Fashioned, 13oz

Collins, 11oz

Margarita Glass, 9oz

Martini Glass, 10oz

Beer mugs

Pilsner beer Glass, 11oz

Irish Coffee Mug

Tulip Sundae Glass, 5 1/2oz

Punch Cup

Water Goblet, 11oz

Sherry, 3oz

Shot Glass

Bolla Grande, 17 1/2oz

Wine carafe, 1 liter

Juice Glass

Cut Glass 4oz Sherbet

Cut Glass 6oz Flute

Cut Glass 8oz Wine

Cut Glass 10oz Goblet

Mondial 11oz Wine

Mondial Beverage Glass


Chafing Dishes & Serving Pieces

Chafing Dishes

Chafer, 3 qt Silver Round

Chafer, 4 qt Stainless

Chafer, 4 qt Deluxe

Chafer, 6 qt Round Deluxe

Chafer, 6 qt Silver oval

Chafer, 8 qt Stainless*

Chafer, 8 qt Deluxe*

Chafer, 8 qt Silver rectangle*

Chafer, 8 qt electric polished*

Chafer, 8 qt Stainless Brass

Extra food pans – 4 qt

Extra food pans – 8 qt

Extra sterno


Serving Pieces – Miscellaneous

Knife/cake server (Stainless)

Knife/cake server (Silver)

Pie Server (Stainless)

Serving fork (Stainless)

Serving Spoon (Stainless)

Tongs (Stainless)

Serving fork (Silver)

Serving Spoon (Silver)

Tongs (Silver)

Condiment server

Silver gravy Boat

Soup Cup, 8oz


Large clamshell Plastic



Plastic 13″ Round

Plastic 16″ Round

Plastic 22″ Round

Plastic 12″ x 17″

Plastic 16″ x 22″

Stainless 15″ Round

Stainless 20″ Round

Stainless 25″ Round

Stainless 3 tier

Silver 16″ Round

Silver 14″ x 18″ rectangle

Waiter’s tray 24″ x 19″ oval

Waiter’s tray 14″ Round

Waiter’s Stand

Ice display, lighted, small 2′

Ice display, lighted, large 3′


Beverage Service


4′ Lattice Bar

4′ Bar (walnut)

6′ Table Bar w/skirt

Blender, 44oz

Mixer, malt


Coffee Service

36 Cup Stainless

55 Cup Stainless

50 Cup aluminum

100 Cup aluminum

Silver Coffee Urn 25 Cup

Silver Coffee Urn 50 Cup

Silver Coffee Urn 100 Cup

Coffee Server 8 Cup, thermos

Coffee thermos 5 Gal

Coffee thermos 10 Gal

3 Gal R2D2

Silver Sugar & Creamer Set

Coffee/tea service w/tray

Coffee Server 8 Cup, Silver


Punchbowls – Ladles

Glass Bowl (small)

Acrylic Dispenser 3 Gal

Punch ladle (Plastic)

Punch ladle (Stainless)

Fountains, Champagne

3 Gal Beverage | Champagne

5 Gal Beverage | Champagne

7 Gal Beverage | Champagne

(Refundable $10.00 cleaning deposit)


Miscellaneous Beverage Servers

5 Gal Igloo

Plastic Tub

Water Pitcher (Plastic)

Water Pitcher (Glass)

Water Pitcher (Silver)

Coffee Server

Stainless Wine Bucket

Stainless Wine Bucket w/Stand

Silver Wine Bucket

50qt Ice chest

100qt Ice chest

Super Cooler (keg)

Jockey Box

Acrylic Dispenser (3 Gal)

Water Trough


Food Serving & Consession Equipment

Popcorn Machines


Countertop Deluxe

Popcorn Cart (Deluxe)

Snow-Cone Machine

Cotton Candy Machine

Hot Dog Rotisserie

Food Serving Equipment

4′ Salad Bar, Tabletop

2 light food warmer

Cutting board (Plastic)


Cooking Equipment

24″ x 30″ Charcoal Grill

2′ x 5′ Charcoal Grill

2′ x 5′ Charcoal Rotisserie

2′ x 5′ Grill w/Propane 5 Gal

Propane Burner w/-Propane 5 Gal

Double Burner Stove w/-Propane

Oven, Propane w/-6 Burners

One Burner Cassette (fuel extra)

Deep Fat Fryer Propane 13lb

Stock Pot, 20qt

Stock Pot, 40qt

Caterers Food Carrier

Steam Table, 4-well

Transit Box 3′ Electric

Transit Box 6′ Electric

Transit Box 6′ Sterno

Sheet Pans, 18 X 13


Meeting Equipment

Liberty P.A. system

Liberty P.A. aux. Speaker

Deluxe P.A. Floor model

Deluxe P.A. Table model

Carvin P.A./mixer, 2 speakers

Carvin speakers, pr (12″/1200w)

Microphone, wireless

Microphone lavaliere

Microphone Stand


SLide projector

Overhead projector

70″ x 70″ screen

Lectern, Tabletop

Lectern, Floor model

Easel (Deluxe, brushed gold)

Easel (Standard)

Easel, flip chart

8′ Pole & Drape Backdrop

Staging & Flooring

Staging per Panel (4′ x 4′)*

Stage railing (per ft)

Stage skirt (per ft)

Porta-Floor, Gray

Stage Steps (2 steps to 24″)


Helium Balloons & Dance Floors

Helium – Balloons

(Based on 9″ Balloons)

9″ Balloon – .27 cu.ft. helium

11″ Balloon – .50 cu.ft. helium

18″ mylar – .44 cu.ft. helium

Dance Floors

Sample size 12′ x 12′

3′ x 4′ Black and White



Garden Equipment


10′ x 10′ pop-up, blue*

10′ x 10′ White, r/w

10′ x 20′ White

10′ x 30′ White

15′ x 15′ White

15′ x 20′ White

15′ x 30′ White

20′ x 20′ White, bl/w, r/w

20′ x 30′ White, bl/w, r/w

20′ x 40′ White, r/w

20′ x 50′ White, r/w

30′ x 30′ White

30′ x 40′ White

30′ x 50′ White

30′ x 60′ White

30′ x 70′ White

40′ x 40′ White

40′ x 50′ White

40′ x 60′ White

40′ x 70′ White

40′ x 80′ White

40′ x 90′ White

40′ x 100′ White

60′ x 60′ White

60′ x 70′ White

60′ x 80′ White

60′ x 90′ White

60′ x 100′ White

80′ x 100′ White

Clear Canopy top, various sizes.

Pole covers (Vinyl)

Pole covers (sateen)

Pole skirts

Sidewall, wht 8’/10′

Sidewall, clr 8’/10′

Sidewall, Panorama Windows:

8′ and 10′



7′ White Vinyl umbrella w/base

8 1/2″ market umbrella w/base


Swamp Cooler

Pedestal fan

Misting fan, 24″



Astro turf (green)

Astro turf (Black)

Carpet runner Red



Chandelier light (Plastic, 4 bulbs)

Light string, 8 bulbs

Post light (Plastic, 4 bulbs)

Lamp post, street-White 3 lights

50’/100′ Extension cord

500 watt quartz light

Canopy lighting per sq.ft.

Generator 3000 watt, quiet

Generator 4500 watt, quiet

Generator 35KW/60KW

Power distribution

750 or 1000 watt scoop

Par 56/64 stage light

Opti par 575 watt

Light Stand



Specialty Items & Guest Needs

Specialty Items

Garment rack, 6′ porTable

Trash can

Raffle drum (large)

12″ mirror ball w/2 spots

16″ mirror ball w/2 spots

Strobe light

Horseshoe Set

Ice display, lighted, small 2′

Ice display, lighted, large 3′

Silk Ficus tree, 7′


Flower Cart


39″ bed, per week / per day

48″ bed, per week / per day

High chair, per week / per day

Booster chair, per week / per day

Crib, full size, per week / per day